Residentuu:r is a creative residency series initiated by Ensemble U: in 2016. Initially it was to work with composers and to learn from them (2016/17 -  Liisa Hirsch, 2018 -  Andrus Kallastu), in 2019 U: worked with  music of deceased composer Udo Kasemets (1919-2014), 2020 opened the subject to broader view and investigated artificial intelligence, in 2021 the subject in focus is music criticism.


The  goal of the series this year is to investigate what are the expectations of musicians fr feedback from critics, what is the role of music criticism in influencing and regulating the music scene, how to improve and enliven the collaboration between musicians and critics.


U: has invited top rate specialists with vast experience on these fields from Estonia, Finland and Canada to discuss the subjects with U:.

The meetings take place over Zoom and will be transmitted live also on U:'s Youtube channel

Scheduled meetings:
1. Tu 09.02.21 6:00 PM
guests: Jeremy Strachan (Canada), Kerri Kotta (Estonia)
What is the role of critic today, how it has changed of last 50 years;
What are the expectations for a critic;
Do music need music criticism or do media need music criticism?

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Edward Cone "The Authority of Music Criticsim"
Willam Robin excerpts from dissertation "A Scene without a Name: Indie Classical and American New Music in the Twenty-First Century".
Udo Kasemets Excerpts from writings
The  presentation  Jeremy Strachan


Tu 09.03.21 6:00 PM
The meeting will take place in Zoom and will be streamed live on the U:'s Youtube channel
guests: Kare Eskola, Jaani Länsio (Soome)
   Jaani Länsiö 
- The ideal criticism? - an example
- Not so ideal criticism - examples and some meta criticism
- How to make criticism better by controlling the discourse and storyline
- What to tell about the music before the concert
- The many forms of criticism - media is only a small part
- Case Seppo Heikinheimo - the good, the bad and the trauma
- Lack of music criticism in Estonia?

Articles for context:
Eduard Laurel Whang Bang No Thank You Lang
Daniel Gelerten A New Conductor Brings New Problems for the NY Philharmonic
As a counterpoint to the lecture U: received this work: A Dance Suite of 5 Questions to Critics from Anonymous

T 13.04.21 6:00 PM
The meeting will take place in Zoom and will be streamed live on the U:'s Youtube channel
guests: David Dacks (Canada), Maria Mölder (Estonia)
-  the future of music criticism
- sponsored content, social media's impact
- demystifying music critics

Tu 27.04.21 at 5:00 PM
The meeting will take place via  Zoom and will be broadcasted on  U:'s Youtube channel
Moderator: Kadri-Ann Sumera
- Open criticism on  U:'s concert on Estonian Music Days of 25.04.21
- Summary of the series